November 2018 Calendar

November 2
10am-Church on the Street
3pm- Making Fall Tulle Wreaths.

November 6
2:30pm-Pretty Nails.
3pm-Art Class W/ Tay

November 8
10am -Hand Print autumn Wreath.
2:30pm Truth or Turkey Game.
3pm- Capture the turkey bandit

November 11
Remembrance Day.
3pm-Honoring our veterans

November 16
3pm-Making Gratitude Tree.
5:30pm- Maravilla Family Event

November 19
3pm- Bingo.
6:30 Crafts w/Danny

November 22
Happy Thanksgiving
10am- Thanksgiving Social.
3pm- Thanksgiving Party

November 27
10am- Making a memory boards
3pm-Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader game

November 30
3pm-Monthly Birthday Party
6:30pm-Music w/ Ken