September 2018 Calendar

September 2
2:30pm- Snow cone/ Music
3pm- Family Feud

September 5
10am- Volleyball
3pm- Making Cheese Pizza/ Trivia
6:30pm- Bingo

September 10
3pm- Bingo
6:30pm- Labor Day Party!

September 13
9:30am- Breakfast Party!
3pm- M&M Games

September 18
2:30pm- Making Jello Popsicles

September 20
10am-Movie Hour(Neighbor’s Choice)
3pm- Vegas Party!

September 24
10am- Exercise Club
6:30pm- Labor Day Party

September 28
10am- Movie Hour
3pm- Making meaningful stones
6:30pm- Dancing to the music

September 30
2:30pm- Happy Hour
3pm-Movie Hour ( Neighbor’s Choice)