August Success Story

George recently sustained a right “Tib/Fib” fracture, which is a break of both lower leg bones close to the ankle. Following this injury he had surgery to repair the fracture, but was required to be non-weight bearing for several weeks while the bones were healing. During this time George worked with physical and occupational therapy in order to learn adaptive strategies to maintain his independence. Along with this, George worked to maintain his strength and endurance in order to mitigate the atrophy, muscle loss that typically accompanies an injury like this. Time spent early on with the rehab team “paid dividends” as he quickly regained his prior level of function once his weight bearing restrictions were lifted. In just a few weeks following his return to use of his right leg, George was walking and getting around as if his injury had never happened.

George is a great example of how important early rehab intervention can be!

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