Behavioral Care

Maravilla is an innovator in all areas of behavioral health and long-term care. We individualize and tailor our care to those who live in the community of Maravilla – our neighbors. Maravilla has long partnered with Mercy Care Long Term Care Plan, United Health Care Community Plan, Banner University Family Care, AHCCS/ALTCS, and Veterans Affairs Health Administrations (VA). We are certified by the National Council for Certified Dementia Practitioners – a nationally recognized organization that specializes and certifies health care providers in the treatment of patients with memory impairment and dementia.

Our community is comprised of five “neighborhoods” or units, providing specific individualized care to their distinct populations. These neighborhoods provide distinct levels of behavioral care and interventions. Our neighbors move through these units as their needs change, but their sense of “home” is cultivated regardless of the neighborhood. Maravilla Care Center’s unique model incorporates individualized person centered practices to create its homelike environment. Practices include flexible dining hours, swimming trips, animal visits, unique exercise classes, and daily supervised interaction with the children of “Charles’ Place,” our on-site Child Care Center.

Our Neighborhoods


This unit is viewed as a “bio-medical” residential placement where patients pose little risk of overt aggression to others but may be uncooperative and aggressive in response to medical procedures, placing them at risk. These residents would include individuals with neurocognitive and neuro-muscular progressive disorders such as Parkinson’s and Huntington’s diseases, autoimmune diseases, and residents dealing with residual impact of acute conditions such as strokes and traumatic brain injuries or aphasic conditions.


This unit is viewed as a “mental health” residential placement where patients exhibit little physical aggression but may be emotionally unstable in response to stress and/or a lack of structure. Residents in this neighborhood would include individuals with personality disorders and mood disorders such as schizophrenia, bi-polar disease and pervasive developmental disorder.

Sunset Point

This unit is viewed as a residential unit for patients with a predisposition for self initiated interpersonal aggression due to personality and disruptive behavioral disorders. They may be highly reactive to surroundings due to paranoia, suspiciousness, and general distrust of others.

Paradise Island

This unit is viewed as a dementia unit for diminished cognitive capacity where patients pose little risk for initiating aggressions, but lack focus and boundaries making reactive aggression a risk where personal space is violated by others or in reaction to needed intrusive care. Disinhibited impulses make inappropriate sexual behavior a risk.

Victorian Lane

Victorian Lane is considered the home sanctuary for patients who have been challenged by bio-medical conditions, mental disorders, and disruptive behavioral disorders where aging or their disease process has advanced to the point of diminished general vitality, making previous challenges of managing disruptive and aggressive behavior absent or greatly reduced. The risk of overt aggression is low, with some challenges with reactive aggressions to intrusive care due to sensitivity to pain and/or diminished awareness of surroundings.

Maravilla Care Center is committed to delivering exceptional healthcare, with a focus on support to patients with behavioral care needs. We are deeply committed to a person-centered care model and making the individual’s well-being our highest priority. We achieve this by understanding and honoring each resident’s individual needs and desires, and proactively serving them. We value kindness, compassion, and integrity in our staff and expect the highest performance from our team. Proven expertise in managing behaviors sets us apart from all other long-term care facilities.

Our Activity Service Department not only provides comprehensive activities for our neighbors, but also works closely with each neighborhood to ensure appropriate activities are available at any time during the day. We recognize the critical role of activities in behavior management. Our highly skilled and excellent Rehabilitation Department provides Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapies to each of our neighborhoods. Each therapist is a vital member of each neighborhood and dedicated to individualized person-centered care. The psychological and behavioral needs of our neighbors are under the direction of a qualified team of behavioral experts including psychiatric nurse practitioners, a psychologist, a counselor, and Maravilla Care Center’s interdisciplinary team.

Services provided include:

  • Psychiatric medication management
  • 14-day psychotropic review per CMS requirements
  • Judicial review for Court Ordered Treatments
  • Development and update of Behavioral Care Plans
  • Behavioral care/mental health staff education and training
  • Admission review and unit placement protocols
  • Unit step up and step down and level of care determination