Behavioral Care

Group of people sitting in a circle on group therapy. Looking at their therapist and listening ti her story.

Maravilla is an innovator in all areas of behavioral health and long-term care. We individualize and tailor our care to those who live in the community of Maravilla – our residents. Maravilla has long partnered with Mercy Care Long Term Care Plan, United Health Care Community Plan, Banner University Family Care, AHCCS/ALTCS, and Veterans Affairs Health Administrations (VA). We are certified by the National Council for Certified Dementia Practitioners – a nationally recognized organization that specializes and certifies health care providers in the treatment of patients with memory impairment and dementia.

Our community is comprised of five units, providing specific individualized care to their distinct populations. These units provide distinct levels of behavioral care and interventions. Our residents move through these units as their needs change, but their sense of “home” is cultivated regardless of the unit. Maravilla Care Center’s unique model incorporates individualized person-centered practices to create its homelike environment. Practices include animal visits and unique exercise classes.

Our Neighborhoods

Apache is Maravilla’s neurobehavioral unit. Residents on this unit may be challenged with the residual impacts of acute conditions such as a stroke or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Residents on the Apache unit receive strengthening and conditioning through our onsite therapy program. The use of specialized behavioral strategies is implemented based on each patient’s individualized functional and cognitive needs.

Sunset Point
Sunset is Maravilla’s highest acuity unit. Residents on this unit may display more challenging behaviors and require additional structures to be successful. Residents typically reside in private rooms due to a wide range of personality and disruptive behavioral disorders. Upon admission to Sunset, the interdisciplinary team reviews behavioral assessments and determines the necessary individualized structures to ensure the safety and success of every resident.

Rio Hollywood is a stepdown unit for Sunset. As residents progress through their behavioral care plan and experience improvement in exhibited behaviors, they may transition to Rio’s behavioral care model. Residents on this unit enjoy enhanced engagement opportunities structured to promote one’s group and individual development.

Paradise Island
Paradise Island is a dementia unit for reduced cognitive capacity. Residents typically maintain a diagnosis of dementia, Alzheimer’s, or other diagnosis affecting their functional and cognitive abilities. The residents on this unit may display disruptive wandering behaviors that a traditional nursing facility cannot support. The nursing team is highly experienced in redirecting and supporting residents with challenges with memory and misapprehension.

Victorian Lane
Victoria Lane is considered the long-term sanctuary of the facility, specifically developed for residents who have been challenged by medical and psychiatric conditions. Patient centered care remains a focus for this unit by providing a plethora of events that focus on improving the diminished general vitality, commonly seen in aging or disease progression. Residents are encouraged to participate in the engaging activities to promote overall enhancement of their quality of life.


Our Approach

Group sitting in a circle for therapyMaravilla Care Center is committed to delivering exceptional healthcare, with a focus on support to patients with behavioral care needs. We are deeply committed to a person-centered care model and making the individual’s well-being our highest priority. We achieve this by understanding and honoring each resident’s individual needs and desires, and proactively serving them. We value kindness, compassion, and integrity in our staff and expect the highest performance from our team. Proven expertise in managing behaviors sets us apart from all other long-term care facilities.

Our Activity Service Department not only provides comprehensive activities for our neighbors, but also works closely with each neighborhood to ensure appropriate activities are available at any time during the day. We recognize the critical role of activities in behavior management. Our highly skilled and excellent Rehabilitation Department provides Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapies to each of our neighborhoods. Each therapist is a vital member of each neighborhood and dedicated to individualized person-centered care. The psychological and behavioral needs of our neighbors are under the direction of a qualified team of behavioral experts including psychiatric nurse practitioners, a psychologist, a counselor, and Maravilla Care Center’s interdisciplinary team.

Services provided include:

  • Psychiatric medication management
  • 14-day psychotropic review per CMS requirements
  • Judicial review for Court Ordered Treatments
  • Development and update of Behavioral Care Plans
  • Behavioral care/mental health staff education and training
  • Admission review and unit placement protocols
  • Unit step up and step down and level of care determination