September Success Story

September 8, 2021 — John is a long term resident of the facility, residing on the Victorian Lane unit. He has been a resident at this facility for a little more than five years. At some point several years ago, John’s mobility declined significantly and he went from being ambulatory throughout the facility to being dependent on the use... Read More

August Success Story

July 30, 2021 — George recently sustained a right “Tib/Fib” fracture, which is a break of both lower leg bones close to the ankle. Following this injury he had surgery to repair the fracture, but was required to be non-weight bearing for several weeks while the bones were healing. During this time George worked with physical and occupational therapy... Read More

Success Story

July 4, 2021 — Kenny is a resident of Victorian lane. He is a long term resident of the facility and had significant difficulties with mobility following a hip fracture several years ago. Due to this, Kenny refrained from ambulating and became dependent his wheelchair for mobility within the facility. A couple of months ago, Kenny decided he wanted... Read More

Success Story

April 14, 2021 — Lesley G. is a resident of Rio Hollywood. Following a knee injury he demonstrated deficits in all daily functional mobility, specifically with gait, which he was unable to perform and became dependent on the use of a wheelchair. Lesley has been actively working with physical therapy in order to return to his previous level of... Read More