COVID-19 Update

We are continuing to do all we can to minimize the risk of the coronavirus (COVID-19) to our residents. We are working closely with all local, state, and federal agencies and following their guidance to protect your loved ones.  We support these restrictions from multiple governmental agencies as they are clearly focused on minimizing the risk of exposure to the most vulnerable residents we serve.

We have isolated all of those residents who have tested positive from the remaining residents in a separate wing of the building. We have also removed any positive employees from the Facility.  Those unaffected residents are being tended to in their rooms to prevent infection.  All of our employees are using PPE as appropriate in full compliance with CDC and CMS guidelines. All individuals entering the Facility are screened, and testing continues on a regular basis.

We are continuing to restrict visitation to our Facility in accordance with federal guidelines. We understand that connecting with loved ones is incredibly important. There are a variety of other ways you might consider connecting with them. These may include telephone, email, text, Skype, or Facebook on a personal device, or on the phone many residents have in their rooms. Let us know how we can help facilitate communication.

We hope that you will also join us in supporting the continued work of our healthcare heroes during these difficult times.


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