July 1: US Postage Stamp Day

The US postage stamps share and showcase as much history as the nation itself. As such, the stamp collectors are offered a huge selection of models and designs to choose from. It’s what makes stamp collecting an interesting and challenging hobby.

It was in the 1920s when stamp collecting became so widespread. In the same year, the stamps issued in the United States that time had been expected to gain considerable value.

This led most Americans in the 1930s to hoard mint US stamps. They hoped to sell them later on for a higher price. This never happened. Up to present, stamps issued in the 1930s are still of the ordinary value. They are even used by some in mailing letters. Since then, most of the stamps issued are generally of ordinary value.

Yet, every now and then, high face value stamps come out. This is another factor that makes stamps more interesting and worth more money. Some of the sought-after stamps are full souvenir sheets with printing errors.

Today, plate blocks of US postage stamps are still bestsellers. They are what most collectors really aim for. Other hard-to-find stamps are those that complete a series.

If you are starting a collection, there are older United States postage stamps that can be acquired for very affordable values. Cancelled or barely cancelled stamps are also collectible and retain some value.

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