Letter from the Administrator

Hello Maravilla Family,

We are excited to announce that our Behavioral Health Director is going through training with the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI). CPI training teaches staff how to safely and effectively respond to individuals whose behavior is escalating. We will work to roll this out to staff in the next few months.

The current administration has released statements regarding all nursing home employees becoming vaccinated. As of now, we do not have final rules around this but will continue to follow all CDC, CMS, state, and local guidelines relating to this requirement. I know the safety of your loved ones (our patients) is a priority and we continue to strive to ensure we provide them the best care.

Maravilla partnered with a new Wound Care Physician, Dr. Ted Bosch. He rounds weekly with our nurse leadership team. We are excited about this partnership and the level of care he provides to your loved ones. We continue to have great partnerships with Team Health, who helps to provide primary and behavioral health physician care to your loved ones.

I know many of you are wondering when visitation will resume. We are hoping this will continue in the next few weeks and will keep our COVID-19 Hotline updated on a weekly basis. Thank you all for trusting Maravilla to provide for your loved ones!

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