Volunteering For A Charity

— If you want to help a charity and interested in doing something more than making a financial donation, why not consider volunteering? When choosing a charity, there are a few basic factors to consider. The charity you choose to volunteer for will determine which activities you will do. Think about what you can offer the... Read More

Stress Management Tips

— Everyone needs successful stress management techniques. Try any of these easy-to-learn and easy-to-implement tips: Copy good stress managers. Have you noticed there are some people who always appear calm in stressful situations? What are they doing differently? What language do they use? Try to sit down with them for a chat. Learn from the best... Read More

Jokes, The World’s Best Medicine

— What were the last jokes that made you roll around on the floor because you were laughing so hard? Was it on a TV show, or part of a stand-up comedy routine, or part of a recent lecture? In any event, do you remember how it made you feel? It’s likely that joke probably made... Read More

Pigs in a Blanket Day is April 24th

— Pigs in a blanket may seem like a modern snack, but as early as the 1600s field workers in England put meat inside dough for a quick and convenient meal. The first modern reference to pigs in a blanket occurred in a 1957 Betty Crocker children’s cookbook. The recipe referred to hot dogs, cocktail or... Read More

Success Story

— A 64-year-old female was admitted to Maravilla in 2016 and had a recent bout of Pneumonia. She was no longer ambulatory and dependent on a wheelchair for mobility. She was used to walking independently and began having frequent falls when she tried to get up or use the restroom. She progressed well with Physical Therapy,... Read More

Happy Birthday and Welcome!

— Happy Birthday! Neighbors Ralph A. George R. Kenny J. Solomon W. Alberto R. Floyd W. Geraldine T. Kathryn E. Yvonne G. Cliff D. Yvonne F. Royce H. Seymour S. Dennis R. George L. Staff Maria S. Anab A. Crystal G. Andrew T. Wendell A. Mamaleh K. Jesse J. Anthony G. Rita J. Vinrina T. Tyesha... Read More

Keeping Your Mind Healthy

— Mental activity can keep your mind sharp. Review the following tips to help challenge your brain for continual growth: Learn to play a musical instrument Play scrabble or do crossword puzzles Interact with others Switch careers or start a new one Start a new hobby with crafts, painting, or woodworking Learn a foreign language Volunteer... Read More

Aging and Oral Health Basics

— As people age, there is a need to exert more effort in order to preserve those wonderful teeth for a lifetime. Every day we are confronted with lots of food and beverages to choose from that can be damaging to oral health, and there are medications as well that could pose damages to teeth surface... Read More

Facts You Might Not Know About St. Patrick’s Day

— One of the legends of St. Patrick began hundreds of years ago when a boy in England was captured and taken to Ireland as a captive, where he then found God. It is said that St. Patrick could hear angels, and that he had raised people from the dead. He was a very active missionary... Read More

Happy Birthday and Welcome!

— Happy Birthday! Neighbors Robert L. John K. Betty R. Scott B. Karen S. Zelda R. Larry D. George F. Deborah P. Staff Najla A. Tatyana S. Yaritza G. Christine B. Brandi B. Oscar M. Vanessa S. Carlotta A. Yolanda P. Sandra A. Joann S. Robin J. Kadri H. Diana P. Lorraine O. Mercy S. Howard... Read More