Tips for Better Heart Health

— Along with Valentine’s Day, we celebrate American Heart Month during February. How can you help your heart stay healthier longer? Fill up on fiber. Not only does fiber help lower levels of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, it can aid weight management. Go bananas. Too much sodium and too little potassium is a recipe for high blood... Read More

Letter from the Administrator

— We are proud to announce that as of 12/15/17 Maravilla Care Center did partner with Bayless Behavioral Health. We are continuing to build our BH program with ongoing education for our clinical team and activity program. We welcomed new members to leadership team, Jason Dedrick, C.S and Gemma Estrada ADON.

February 17 is Random Acts of Kindness Day

— What could you do today that would make someone else’s day? What could you change in yourself that would ultimately enrich the world around you? Remember the greatest gift that you can give anyone is your time. Gifts can be brought, money can be earned, but your time can never be replaced. Here are a... Read More

Black History Month

— Each February we celebrate Black History Month, a time for recognizing and honoring the role of African Americans in U.S. history. The first celebration of Black History Month took place at Kent State University in February 1970. In 1976, President Gerald Ford recognized Black History Month during the celebration of the United States Bicentennial. He... Read More

Happy Birthday!

— Neighbors Vincent W. 2/01 Lola M.   2/02 Daniel K. 2/03 Gergely F. 2/06 Thomas F. 2/14 Debra M. 2/15 Rudy V. 2/20 Donald M. 2/22 Eluterio C. 2/26 Staff Candelaria E. 2/02 Marian M. 2/02 Tezera T. 2/02 Kel’nyce E. 2/04 Mary M. 2/04 Robert T. 2/04 Nancita M. 2/05 Jasmine M. 2/07 Robert H.... Read More

Help us Help you during this Flu Season

— The 2017/2018 Flu Season is already proving to be a challenge especially for the elderly. You can help us help you and our residents by being knowledgeable about Seasonal Flu. The following information is from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Take Time to Get a Flu Vaccine CDC recommends a yearly flu... Read More