October Updates

Unit Spotlight
Please give a round of applause to the staff on Paradise Island. They are recognized for teamwork and productivity. Paradise takes a special level of care to connect with residents and this team goes the extra mile to make sure residents are well taken care of physically and mentally. This group truly treats residents like family.


Environmental Services Appreciation Week
We took a week to recognize the hard work of the EV team at Maravilla. A week of breakfast, lunch, cake, and gifts is the least we can do to show our appreciation. This building would not be the same without these dedicated and caring individuals.


Welcome to Sculpture 101

A new crowd favorite at Maravilla involves air-dry clay, stencils, and paint. These projects take a few days to complete and allow residents to tap into their creative side.


Resident Selection

Each month residents vote at their town-hall meeting for a meal they would like the kitchen to prepare. In September the majority vote was for Hawaiian BBQ. Becca, the lead CNA on Sunset, took extra time and care to decorate and make this meal extra special #culinarymasterpiece


Leaves are falling and autumn is calling!

Activity staff and residents collaborated to make this mural. Time to say good bye to summer heat and welcome the Arizona weather we all love and appreciate.


You’re Awesome Cart!

If you get caught going above and beyond, you may be asked to visit the- You’re Awesome Cart. Staff at Maravilla make huge contributions to the mission by putting the needs of others ahead of their own. We thank you for everything you do for residents. #youareawesome

Joke of the Day

Steve has been posting a new joke each day for over two years. He loves to watch passer-by-ers stop and smile. You know what they say, “Laughter is the best medicine.”


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