Photo Highlights

Pet Therapy

Lady the Aussie is back in the building and bringing the smiles with her. Every Tuesday we get a special visit everyone enjoys.


Did someone say, “BINGO!”

BINGO will always be a crowd favorite, especially when there’s a surprise for the winner.


Goblin Target Practice

We sure had fun this past October. Ready, Aim, Fire!

Nurses Training

Maravilla is providing IV (intravenous) training to nurses to expand the scope services available to residents.


Birds of Prey- Raptors in Maravilla

On October 1st, 2021- we are grateful to have received a visit from Liberty Wildlife. Residents and staff enjoyed a presentation from the non-profit organization involved in wildlife rescue and community education. The presentation included 4 different breeds of raptors and a special visit from the original rescue bird, a 36 year old vulture that has been with the organization from its very beginning.


Culinary Appreciation Week

This crew works around-the-clock to ensure residents receive healthy and delicious meals each and every day. Please give a big thank you to Maravilla’s culinary specialists. They are appreciated at least three times a day.


Never Too Early to Show Christmas Spirit

For the past 5 years, Maravilla has been invited to hand pick gifts for every resident. Thanks to the non-profit, ElderlyTLC, each resident will have a special gift to unwrap on Christmas morning. This was an amazing experience.


A Ride Down Memory Lane

This was a very special outing at the Harley Davidson dealership. There is nothing better than reminiscing about old rides and open roads.


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