September Success Story

John - September Success StoryJohn is a long term resident of the facility, residing on the Victorian Lane unit. He has been a resident at this facility for a little more than five years. At some point several years ago, John’s mobility declined significantly and he went from being ambulatory throughout the facility to being dependent on the use of a wheelchair. A few months ago, John’s mobility declined further as he was having trouble with transfers, even with use of a mechanical lift to assist. The idea of rehab was intriguing to John, and he was eager to regain strength along with some independence. John made slow, but consistent, progress to start with the goal to increase range of motion in his legs and improve his ability to stand and transfer safely. As he began to see improvement he became even more invested in physical therapy, never missed a session and would work on exercises independently outside of therapy. At some point along the way, John determined he also wanted to regain his ability to walk independently. Though slow at first, and for short distances, John began walking. Soon, enough John was ambulating distances long enough to get wherever he would like in the facility. And eventually, John was walking independently with his walker down to the therapy gym to show up for his sessions.

John is a great example of someone overachieving their initial therapy goals and making progress that significantly changes their day to day life. John can often be seen walking up and down the halls of Maravilla Care Center, and if he gets the chance, will gladly have a conversation with you on today’s current events.

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