Success Story

Lesley G - patient at Maravilla Care Center

Lesley G. is a resident of Rio Hollywood. Following a knee injury he demonstrated deficits in all daily functional mobility, specifically with gait, which he was unable to perform and became dependent on the use of a wheelchair. Lesley has been actively working with physical therapy in order to return to his previous level of functioning within the facility. Lesley has made significant improvements with strength, endurance and balance, demonstrated by his ability to walk up to 200ft independently. He is no longer dependent on assistance from his caregivers in order to travel from his bed room to the dining room where he enjoys sitting next to the window in the sunshine. Lesley enjoys participation in physical therapy, especially when the weather is nice and part of the session can be performed outside in the sun light. Lesley has made great progress with therapy and is close to reaching all of his goals.

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