Success Story

June Success Story - BillBill is a resident of Victorian Lane. He arrived at Maravilla Care Center following a right tibial (lower leg) plateau fracture that he and his surgeons had elected to treat conservatively. Conservative treatment of a fracture like this can often be difficult as Bill was not allowed to bear weight through his right leg for 3 months. During this time the rehab team worked Bill to optimize his function, while also teaching him strategies to maintain his non-weight bearing precautions. Once Bill’s fracture healed, physical therapy began working to help achieve his prior level of function, which was independence with ambulation throughout the community. Bill was an eager and active participant with physical therapy with his goals set on regaining independence. Due to his injuries, it was a long journey, but he’s made great progress towards his goals. Bill, can often be seen walking throughout the facility, especially in the courtyard where he likes to spend time outside.


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