Success Story

Kenny - July 2021 success storyKenny is a resident of Victorian lane. He is a long term resident of the facility and had significant difficulties with mobility following a hip fracture several years ago. Due to this, Kenny refrained from ambulating and became dependent his wheelchair for mobility within the facility. A couple of months ago, Kenny decided he wanted to improve his mobility and return to ambulating. Kenny began working with physical therapy a couple times a week to improve his strength and balance. Kenny was diligent on completing his home exercise program in addition to his scheduled therapy sessions. This is often what makes the largest difference with recovery. Supplementation of physical therapy treatment with exercise and training during one’s free time can result in faster and more significant improvements in function. This is exactly what Kenny showed over the last couple months. Early on, ambulation was unsafe and difficult due to decreased balance, strength, and endurance, but this changed quickly due to Kenny’s diligent efforts. As Kenny’s ability to ambulate improved, the physical therapist determined the appropriate assistive device to best optimize his function while maintaining safety. Kenny was fit with an appropriately sized rollator style walker. Kenny made tremendous progress and can often be found ambulating with the use of his rollator around Victorian lane and outside in the courtyard.

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